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Monday, January 23, 2012

Embed Tab Size Info in Source Text

IDEA: a "universal tab stop signature" line you can add to any text file in which tabs may be found and need to be rendered in an editor.

The sig must be in the first or last 128 bytes of a file (so reading the sig is faster)

The syntax could be something like: open paren or brace, % or # sign, open paren or brace, the word "tab" then a ':', then anything except a closing/matching paren or brace, then a percent and then another closing paren/brace. [(\[][%#][(\[]tab:[^\)]*[%#][(\[]


// (%(tab:4)%)

# (%(tab:4)%)

HTML (for source editing only):
<!-- (%(tab:4)%) -->

LISP (no parens... too confusing):
; [%[tab:4]%]

SMX (no % signs or parens):

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