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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Humanity+ Conference Caltech Decenber 4th-5th

If you're in California, please try to attend Humanity+ @ Caltech: Redefining Humanity in the Era of Radical Technological Change on December 4-5th at the Beckman Institute at Caltech Los Angeles, California.

Check out the conference Facebook page here: you can invite your friends to the conference on Facebook.

The Humanity+ @ Caltech conference will be divided into four main sessions:

  • Session 1, Re-Imagining Humans: Mind, Media and Methods
  • Session 2, Radically Increasing the Human Healthspan
  • Session 3, Redefining Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence, Intelligence Enhancement and Substrate-Independent Minds
  • Session 4, Business and Economy in the Era of Radical Technomorphosis

You can also check out the conference program here, and get details on the conference venue, transportation, and lodging.

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