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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Halloween Help

It seems like I spend most of my time doing things like developing free hosting sites, doing computer consulting gigs, and studying microbiology.

I also sell Halloween Costumes though, and from September to October, I get very busy making sure that I still have that once-a-year extra income to live off of.

Every fall season, there's a huge push by costume companies to stay on page 1 of search results. Every trick is used to stay on top - contests, twitter spam, fake pages that seem like articles buy are just advertisements.

This year the frenzy was out of control, and my site, Moon Costumes, which is well respected, hand-run, and favorably reviewed by most customers - has basically been lost in a sea of increasingly irrelevant competitor spam sites. (I used be on page 1 when you searched for "halloween costumes"... now I'm on page 7 ... with dozens of intervening sites of extreme irrelevance.)

So I'm resorting to asking for help. If you happen to have a website, and you know me, I'd appreciate a mention, or something. If you want a reciprocal link, I will happily oblige. Every bit helps.

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