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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Free Single-player RPG Games

Multiplayer RPG's have the "I was here first" problem that gamers are escaping reality to *avoid*. So here's some single-player RPG's that are free and fun:

World of Pain 3 - Anime-style combat. Concentrate on one stat or style of fighting... and you'll beat the game in a day. It's nice to have a game with the right balance of puzzle, fight, and a clean win just before you get bored of it. (Online/Flash)

Arcuz - Run around, gain exp and level up. Be careful how you use your gems, they don't come easy and you'll kick yourself if you mess them up. Don't try to save-reload a mistake... it doesn't work. I stopped playing after I lost my sword doing that. (Online/Flash)

Shadowreign - Top down, semi-real-time combat style... like diablo, nice tutorial. Almost too fun to play for a free game. The skill tree is fun to explore. Also has a winnable conclusion. (Online/Flash)

Heros Arms - Zelda-style adventure. Very fun - quick start and good balance.

Castaway - slash & level anime-like RPG with a fairly linear story. Save very often. The game starts easy, but quickly can lead to big setbacks if you forget to save. An autosave when resting would be a nice feature.

Chibi Knight - Real time combat. Very cute, but not RPG-enough for me! (Online/Flash)

Dink Smallwood - Snarky puzzle-solving RPG. Fun storyline. Old-school. (Download/Windows)

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