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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Please Support Net Neutrality!

Opponents of net neutrality say it will suppress "innovation". Since its inception, the internet has been neutral. Now, all of the sudden, companies are trying to give preferential access to their partners, friends and associates.

There is nothing "innovative" about big companies doing favors for other big companies in order to push out competition from small or new businesses.

I run a web site, I don't have political connections. On my website, I sell products that compete with the likes of WalMart and QVC. WalMart and QVC have negotiated with Comcast and Verizon so that my website is slower than theirs... even though I pay much more for bandwidth per gig of transfer - than they do. They are able to do this because of their political and social connections, and because there's no law to stop them.

This is "innovation"? No, it's abuse of power. And I'm surprised at how many people are on the clearly wrong (meaning morally) side of this debate.

Can a phone company in Chicago who owns a brokerage firm prevent or harrass you when you call a competing firm? No... it's illegal. And that's partly why the U.S. phone system works so well. The Internet should work that way too.

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