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Friday, March 26, 2010

Stroller Injuries Just as Bad as Sling

For the 10 year time period between 1995-2005, there were 22 stroller-related deaths for children under the age of 5 reported to CPSC. ref

There were an estimated 64,373 stroller-related injuries to children 3 years old and younger treated in hospital emergency departments in the United States during a 5-year study from 1993-1998. Most injuries involved the head (44%) or face (43%). (ref. I would assume that hundreds (out of 64K hospitalizations!) of those cases were severer and life altering incidents with permanent damage to the child.

But regardless of the system you use... just paying attention is the best recipe for safety. Of the several recent cases of children dying in slings and strollers that were investigated the majority were ruled to be child abuse and neglect. (Sorry, I can't find the reference for this, it was on Elsevier).

Perhaps CPSC has stepped way out of line with their recent "sling warning", ignored the evidence and sided with a powerful and profitable industry lobby? Some research into the people who made this decision is definitely warranted.

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