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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Carbon Change and Ocean Acidification

Man-made CO2 may not be warming the whole world, in fact there's even more evidence just in, that an anthropocene CO2 warmed arctic might induce an ice-age via a thermohaline slowdown.

But there's no contest that man-made CO2 is causing ocean acidification. And the creepy thing about acidification (as anyone who's done a titration experiment can tell you), it's loaded with "tipping points". These are points in which chemical reactions, which, at one pH, are favorable, suddenly stop or go in reverse.

Some recent articles in the CS Monitor and NY Times point to legal trends in this area.

I wondered how climate deniers would deal with this. In my email to the "Global Warming Hoax" website, he replied that he "didn't know anything about it", but that "it was probably another hoax", and that I should "check my sources". It seems they're gearing up already, a casual search for "acidification hoax" turns up lots of results from creepy sites with lots of pop-up ads.

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