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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Stop Calling it Global Warming

I wish pundits and politicians would cease, as of this minute, to refer to the human-caused exhaust poured into our atmosphere as "global warming".

It's not an accurate description of the problem. Increased carbon in the atmosphere might result in "cooling" in some models. Everyone agrees CO2 levels are lowering the PH of the ocean. And CO2 isn't the worst of our problems. Levels of hundreds of industrial pollutants are skyrocketing globally.

We could be headed for a mini ice age because of a carbon-induced thermohaline cycle change. "Warming" is a derivative term that may, very soon, prove wildly inaccurate and set the politics of this issue back for many years.

Responsible management of the millions of tons of industrial gas byproducts and car exhaust that we pour into our atmosphere has nothing, at all, to do with "warming".

Our atmosphere is a globally shared resource and must be globally managed. There can be no sovereign exceptions to the rules, or those countries will be able to spew their industrial filth upon the rest of us.

Is it socialist to manage shared resources in this manner? Not at all. Feeding and educating people is a social agenda that may be relevant indirectly (after all, if you're family is starving, why should you care about climate models), but for some reason is often "tied" to atmospheric pollution issues by deniers.

Protecting the Earth's atmosphere is an issue of survival, not socialism.

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