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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Un-unified messaging

I contacted onebox, wildgate, and solaxis, all leading "unified messaging" providers.

All of them provide a nice service where you can have 1 phone number routed to multiple numbers... and that same number accepts faxes, etc. I've used onebox for years, with OK service level but a good feature set.

However, the feature I'm looking for.. none of them provide, and I've been contacting their sales groups about once every 3 months for over a year. What's more, even Google Voice doesn't support this feature, and it looks like they have no plans to.

Basically, SOME numbers (like cell phones) require confirmation on pickup but SOME other numbers (like the office phone and transcription services) don't require confirmation.

Doesn't sound hard... but the only provider that gets close is Solaxis... and only on the transcription ... since the system requires the confirmation settings to be the same in each ring group. SO they get "some" right. But not everything.

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