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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Civics Imploding Over Obama Talk to Kids

Right-wingers who don't know what the word "civics" means are hijacking the school system and winning. Some schools in America will be *shutting down* rather than show a speech by our very hard working, very moderate American president Obama.

I'm going to quote George Bush here... "When it comes to your own education, what I'm saying is take control." That was part of his speech to kids ... and I'm quoting him for every child whose parents act as political censors. Nobody closed a school when he spoke, or when Clinton before him spoke.

Every recent American president gave speeches to kids. And every one says the same basic things about the importance of education, hard work, etc.

What's the difference? Obama has dark skin... so some people are closing schools?

This is a great national embarrassment.

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