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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Blame the Guy with Money

It's embarassing that people are blaming Goldman Sachs, a company who tried to refuse bailout funds, for making money. Remember, they tried to refuse the bailout money, and were forced to by Congress? Then they paid it back in full as soon as allowed by law?

Thank goodness some American companies are making money, bringing it home and spending it here.

When I worked at other companies, i grew tired at how people loved to blame intelligent, hardworking people for "raising the bar" or "making them look bad". Goldman has done just that... made every other bank look bad by proving it was possible, by hiring the best and brightest, to make money in hard times. And just like the watercooler losers who like to rib the nerd down the hall for actually getting work done, American politicians - the true vampires - are busy blaming Goldman for doing their job right.

But the most embarrassing thing is how widespread this is. The biggest problem with America is the sense of "entitlement" it's citizens have. Rather than work to get something, it seems we now demand or whine to have it handed to us. "What about me?" could be our new motto.


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