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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Why the big deal about same-sex marriage?

I always thought that "civil unions" were the same and what was being argued about was some sort of semantics that truly was the purview of culture and not government. I mean, what's the real difference? It's something that never seems to be talked about in the news, or at least, it never passes my automatic sound-byte filter.

Anyway, since it's cropping up again in the news i did a search and read this very interesting and exacting article on

Apparently, the word "marriage" is a very legal term, and the words "civil union" essentially convey no rights whatsoever. In the Federal Defense of Marriage Act, they essentially throw out same-sex marriage, and ignore civil unions.

I honestly think that most same-sex couples would give up the word "marriage", in exchange for well-reasoned "federal civil unions". Well, some of them might. Certainly enough to back-burner the whole issue for a long time.

Obama's a bit boxed into a corner now, he should talk to leaders on both sides and find something, perhaps federal civil unions, before his hand is forced.

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