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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Viral Batteries Now Viable

Viral battery experiments have paid off with a breakthrough in battery assembly.

"Current lithium batteries are expensive to produce, requiring high temperatures and toxic organic solvents."

The new technology uses viruses as workhorses to move around molecules and assemble microscopic battery components. If developed, this promises cheap, scalable, non-toxic Li-ION batteries - exactly what electric cars need to push out liquid fuel rivals. The problem has gone from a research issue to an engineering issue.

For anyone who's been investing in lithium mining (i own some SQM), one big downside has been the toxicity of the batteries and their expense of production .... it looks like, with investment, it's now *possible* to scale this up globally - which it was not before. I think just the existence of this tech removes some key risk components of the electric-lithium play.

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