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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Vector TD 2 Challenge

Vector TD and Vector TD 2 are my new favorite TD's.

Why Tower Defense games all the sudden? Blame the customer service rep at Sprint who gave me "unlimited data" for 90 days to "try out" their online services. There was a TD game on the phone, and that brought back a fondness for the genre. Sorry to those of you who became addicted because of my last post and have been emailing me to stop posting new games. This is the *last one!*

Some of the TD high scores posted at candystand are impossible, based the 30% fund excess bonus per level, but mine aren't hacks and I can, after about 3 days of puzzling, get on the "monthly" leaderboard for any level/puzzle combo of both games.

I'm not anywhere near good enough to post my games to Youtube, but here's a challenge ... open to friends and former business associates only, not random internet packet hackers ... register at candystand, tell me your username, and then beat any of my monthly leaderboard games within the next 5 days (that's how long I had) and I'll give you 50 bucks and a picture of me doing something ridiculous (you decide ... not porn).

My name at Candystand is "simulx".

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