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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Stubborn Auto Giants Lose Out to Foreign Rivals

It looks like the first 2 affordable, electric, highway-legal sedans won't be made by Ford, GM or Chrysler, even though they have *more than enough money and resources* to trump their competitors. They've even robbed my tax dollars with the very lobbying our President said he wouldn't abide by.

The first will be the Think City, a 120-mile range, 70mph electric from a Norwegian Company (Think Global). The next one looks like a Chinese car by BYD, with an 80 mile range and 80pmh top speed. Why is it necessary for us to import this stuff?

It's a bit depressing to watch our economy go to crap specifically because of a failure of innovation and creativity. Especially when there were millions of people *paying* GM both *investment* and *tax* dollars to put electrics back on the road.

What's even sadder, is that apparently BYD got investment money from Warren Buffet. I mean, if he's given up on American automakers... it's just time to give up.

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