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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Easier than Recaptcha, until they steal my code

Looking at the logs, it's clear my site is being "scoped" by the folks over at recaptcha (no link on purpose). Mostly because it's faster, better and cleaner than the junk they peddle. I'm serious, they really overblow their solution, they even managed to get their flim-flam published in a science journal, which really devalues the journal IMHO.

So now, burdened with a ridiculous API, they are sniffing up our solution and going "oh! signatures, digests, why didn't we think of that!".

I may not have a PHD, but I'm a better coder than that whole tank full of idea-stealers put together.

Busy muddling over at the USPTO right now, but hey, where did I put that extra $1000 for a lawyer? Hmm.

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