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Saturday, February 28, 2009

ABC Lies About "Bush Abortion Rule", Needs Ad Revenue

Some headlines read "White House set to reverse health care conscience clause", but at ABC, it's "Obama to Rescind Bush Abortion Rule". Ouch! Did he really do that?

No, there is no "Bush Abortion Rule". It was a horribly worded, vague "provider conscience rule", as properly worded by responsible news agencies that aren't out to garner ad revenues by stirring up controversy. Times are tough, we know, and ABC's revenues are being hit hard.

Under Bush's rule, you could refuse treatment to someone for being Mexican. Or you could refuse treatment to someone who had a drug addiction problem, because they were "icky". Or you could refuse to give a girl a subscription to a contraceptive pill because your uncle has plans for her. It was a bad, bad law.

Under Obama's new plan, providers will still be able to refuse abortions and other "morally difficult" procedures. However, specifically, *providing contraception* will not be optional. There are also provisions for no refusal based on the lifestyle choice, race and sex of the patient. In other words, if a girl wants to go on the pill, a doctor can't say "no" or lie to her and say it will make her sick.

Calling it the "Bush Abortion Rule" speaks to ABC's intention to stir up controversy. Are revenues hurting that bad?

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