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Monday, December 29, 2008

Roguelike Links

Roguelike games are a hobby for a large community of programmers that should probably be doing something better with their times.

After becoming re-addicted to gaming because of crawl stone soup, i found this online magazine about roguelikes that's nearly as infrequently updated as the games themselves, but still fun.

Anyway, I decided to try and write my own, but found the sourcecode for crawl to be unreadable (it's well known to be cryptic), and the various libraries to be either pre-alpha, or in "python" or "lua" or "free pascal" or other languages I have resisted learning.

The Doryen Library is the opposite. It's well developed, huge and was too intimidating for me.

So I wrote, a roguelike library fo perl. It took me a couple days, and the failure of the curses library (i wrote my own was annoying to say the least, but the two examples are finally working at a level where someone who wanted to make a roguelike in perl now could in fairly short order.

There's a single player "example" game and, and multiplayer-tick-based "netgame" that someone can "telnet" to. I put "telnet" in quotes since the program is rather telnet unaware and should probably be more sensitive to things like flow-control ... which I, as yet, know nothing about.

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