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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Paulson's Plan To Waste 700 Billlon

Now that Citigroup is nearing bankruptcy, what does Paulson have to say? The Bush administration has done nothing but spend, spend, spend to the point where nearly all of America's large institutions are just going to disappear.

Paulson's plan clearly was bunk, it was just a way of shoving money into CEO's pockets. And now that we are nearly bankrupt, poor Obama's job is to "New Deal" our way out of the crisis. His plan to build up America's infrastructure with government jobs will work... but the problem is there's no money left to finance it. The 700 billion Bush wasted on failing to help our banking would have been perfectly spent on just the kind of infrastructure and long term investment in American jobs and eduction
that Obama is proposing today.

I'll lay 5 to 1 odds that Paulson blows the whole 700 billion by Jan 19th, just before Obama takes office.

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