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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sara "Crazy" Palin

I can't believe she actually believes that a) the world is going to end in her lifetime and that b) we should actively bring about the end of the world by attacking Russia.

We can NOT elect someone who believes these things, or someone who would even consider hiring such a nut-job as VP. The fact that McCain and her are even still polling in double-digits shows how crazy some Americans really are. Maybe it's all the lead the Chinese put in kids toys... coming back to haunt us now.

You really have to read this.

The media has to stop calling crazy people who want to blow up the planet "fundamentalists" or "Christians". There's nothing "fundamental" or "Christ-like" or even "religious" about believing that America's "biblical duty" is to start World War III by starting a war with Russia over some little mountain country (no not the state Georgia, who we would fight for...the country that most Americans couldn't find on a map).

"If you put lipstick on a violent extremist... you still get a violent extremist."

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