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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Good Example of How Google's Broken & Some Reccomedations

If I search for the Jordan Lake Music And Arts Festival, I get a bunch of people who talk about it. But nobody links directly to it. Some people *mention* the website, but everyone's policy is to link with a "nofollow" .... just to be safe.

Google's policies of punishing people for linking to each other (bad neighborhoods, etc), instead of just punishing sites that are spam (and it's obvious what they are) has gotten web developers so scared that they no longer, ever, put a straight link to another site. My dad's got written up on the front page of the WSJ and the Huffington Post and over 200 other newspapers... guess improvement in search for his site. Really! Because *everyone* puts "nofollow" on links now, or they just don't put a link at all and just mention the site's name.

Who knows, Google might think it's a "paid link" (not that there's anything wrong or irrelevant with paying for links in *my* opinion).

Scaring people away from putting up links is killing Google's search.

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