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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Integrating SpamAssassin and BestPractical's RT

The filter "" that is included with RT doesn't function for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that SpamAssassin doesn't know what a Mime::Entity is (it uses it's own mail format).

At first I wrote 2 versions of the plugin, but then i combined them, seeing as the included one doesn't work at all.

It uses the "spamd" daemon ... to speed things up which is faster, unless you have Mail::Spamassassin preloaded under mod_perl (assuming you do things that way). If you do have it running that way, you can forget spamd (but isn't it nice you can run your spam checker on another box if you load gets high...).

Of course many people seem to just use fetchmail on some box somewhere, and then rely on that box's builtin mail filtering (can anyone say gmail) for spam. Which works well, but I like the idea of "owning" my mail filter.

Nor all I have to do is add a "spam" status, and some scrips to auto-train spamassasin's bayesian filter on them ... fun.

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