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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Natural Security

"The diversity of biological life and biological interactions across 3.5 billion years of history offers a vast array of solutions for defense against a wide range of threats, from terrorism to natural disasters." - from Darwinian Security, a think tank of biologists who are developing national security guidelines and recommendations based on their understanding of biological defenses.

One of the interesting lessons from the book is the extreme importance of a stable and supportive environment for children. After puberty, it seems, it is extremely hard for a person's social opinions to shift. IE: if someone's decided by age 15 to consider car bombing as a future career choice, it's going to be hard to change their mind. "Get them young" is the mantra of religious and political organizations worldwide, and in the book we see illustrated some of the biological bases of *why* this is so.

Certainly, it is possible for nations, companies (even families) to learn from the techniques evidenced in nature to improve not just their "sense" of security, but their overall ability to create more cohesive and stable social structure.

(I'm a fan of these guys. If any would-be presidential candidate (hint, hint) decided to quote from Sagarin & Taylor's book, it would definitely make my day.)

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