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Saturday, July 05, 2008

ASP for Linux

Whew! I wanted a version of ASP for linux.

Chili!soft's version was the "expensive brand name" - it's incredibly profitable product line was bought out by Sun and is apparently "no longer for sale" directly. You have to use Sun's even more incredibly expensive "development platform" instead of just licensing an Apache ASP plugin from them.

Halcyon's version had better reviews, but the company was apparently gone. I found out it was bought out by Stryon. Researching Stryon, I found that it went out of business in a fraud investigation. The CEO had apparently suicided, his assets seized by the government. They even sold off his wine collection. Researching this has been weirder than a television drama, with rumors of links to the Chinese government, and more. But who bought the code?

After all that craziness I found a beta version of a product called arrowhead asp.

Is it possible that owning a solution to "getting off Microsoft" is somehow inherently dangerous? I wonder if I should warn the developer about what he's getting into. Or maybe he's safe, since he's using Java as the source base, tying him to Sun's protection base.

Well, at least my blog article will help aimless people (such as myself) searching for Stryon, Chilisoft and Halcyon find the available Arrow ASP solution.

The thing is ... I could write a better parser and apache module - in nice portable ANSI-C - with 90% compatiblity for ASP in about 3 weeks. Should I? Dare I? Although I like coding, and it seems fun.... it actually seems scary to me after reading all that.

ADDENDUM: I found that mono-project provides real support for ASP under linux, or at least VB.NET web apps running under apache, which is close enough.


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