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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Articles of Impeachment

I like the list, with the exception of the "Establishment of Permanent Bases" clause. Another big thing that's missing is that we went into Iraq *seemingly* for the purposes of inflating global oil prices in cooperation with OPEC.

Now I say "seemingly" since, well, that's what it seems to have been done for. Saddam was leaking oil at half-market value. Opec hated him. He's gone. Oil went through the roof. Bush's oil buddies get to laugh all the way to the bank. And we all get stuck with the bill.

Of course, since Bush & Co.'s buddies are in control of all the resources, he'll just have to lower the prices before the election, finger "new gains" in the war in Iraq as the cause, and then McCain will win... followed by 3 and a half more years of record-high oil.

IMHO, Americans won't be fooled in 2012. By then, a trained dog will be able to win running as a Democrat. Which is unfortunate. Because the socialist nutjob who will be winning in 2012 will make Obama look like a right-winger.


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