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Monday, April 28, 2008

Trip Insurance

We're going to Vancouver for a month. Any time we travel, and we plan on renting a car, we buy trip insurance.

Why? Because the collision insurance provided by car companies is usually very expensive, wheras the insurance provided by travel insurance agencies is cheap, just as good, and also covers any medical expenses, baggage delays, etc. IE: I save money, and I get full coverage.

We use (no, I don't get paid if you click on it). It's a model website for what medical insurance *should* look like ---- but doesn't. I don't understand how travel insurance for 1 month, which includes a half-million dollars in medical claims, is 8 time cheaper than regular medical insurance. Also, I don't understnad how any time we've made a claim (thrice, a damaged stroller and 2 foreign doctor's visits for my son), they pay, and pay quickly and without much fuss.

What I am sure of is that the medical insurance industry is extremely profitable, and is probably guilty of the biblical sin of usury.


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