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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Universal Pharma? Education or Oil Profits? You Choose.

When you vote for a president, are you really voting for one person? In some ways, yes, and only by reading policy papers and examining voting records can you really understand what they will do when in office.

Or you could follow the money. allows you to view campaign contributions by industry. It's a quick way of showing which kinds of people are in of support which candidates, and IMHO, it's the most telling.

Hillary Clinton tops the list of health-industry donors with her plan to federally subsidize the medical industrial complex.

Barak Obama is tops among (you guessed it) education and computer people.

Giuliani had a lock on the gambling and oil industries, before he dropped out. Now it's split. McCain's got casinos and Romney's got oil.

And you can guess who the Washington lobbyists love...


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