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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Honolulu Surge

We took Noakai to see the Christmas lights, and the giant shaka Santa, in downtown Honolulu. He went on a little carousel (by himself for the first time) and waved "hi" the over and over until he got bored and started poking the horse of the kid behind him.

Made a bad move and decided to read some news headlines. IMHO, the Iraqi "Surge" is a win-win political maneuver for Bush & Co. This is something they probably shouldn't get approval for by the new Democratic Congress, if the will of the electorate, which is 60% opposed to troop increases, is followed.

But if Congress doesn't give it to him, then he'll be able to say "If only you'd approved my surge", and blame the Democrats as Iraq slowly drifts into chaos. And if we do give it to him, he'll only chuckle and come up with an even more expensive and outlandish thing that's needed to get the increasingly amorphous job done. No matter what, the Democrats will safely be able to be blamed.

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