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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Google Checkout Bug

Only yesterday, Google admitted to a bug which placed checkout badges next to all of their advertiser's ads. Today, Google's (GCO) website was briefly redirecting to a page that looks like this. Which looks like a hack, but probably was just an internal error.

My personal experience with GCO, as a merchant, has been that the system is a bit confusing for customers. It fails to adequately prompt for shipping addresses; is extremely slow to approve orders; is occasionally slow or broken; and the API is more complex than any other I've worked with.

The upside is that the GCO support group has been extremely responsive and helpful on every occasion. That one fact is what sets them apart from any other merchant processing service I've used. And of course, there's the free processing. Which is the best (only) reason to use them at this point.

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