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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Rejuv : Init

I'm writing from the hotel Camino Real in Tikal. The pyramids here are surreal, cracked edifices to concepts of immortality lost in the collapse of an ancient civilization.

Why am I here?

After months of research and talking to prior patients, I finally signed up for a Rejuv. It's basically a 20-stage viral vector delivery system for rejuvinating every cell in the body. At the end of the process, I should be about 25 years younger. At 63, with an ailing heart and a series of doctors who are slowly eating away every penny I have, it seems like the logical choice. It's still not legal in the U.S., so that's why I'm in Guatemala.

People have assured me it's not terribly painful. After the treatment's over, my DNA will have changed a bit, and my retina won't scan the same. Fingerprints should match for the most part. I know it sounds crazy.

My wife is supportive, but she's going to wait until my treatment's over before she gives it a try.

The representative from Rejuv came by yesterday for blood tests and release forms. Everything checked out. Apparently there may be some memory loss, which makes sense, but everyone I've talked to says it's mild. They don't advertise that on their website.

The food at the hotel is simple and delicious. While I was waiting, I rented a canoe and there were these huge black birds on the lake, making deep noises. I wonder if all I needed was just a regular vacation, alone... not a wildly expensive longevity treatment.

Tomorrow is the first treatment day, I'll keep everyone posted.

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