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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I can no longer use Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer fails to render HTML pages as HTML and text pages as text. This has wreaked havoc with my ability to do things like "browse the web". In attempting to fix it, I set the IsTextPlainHonored flag in the Registry. This has had the effect of causing all sorts of pages to be rendered as text that clearly have the text/html MIME type.

I figured out what IE does wrong. They don't understand the "charset" part of a content-type header. So, if your web browser can be configured to turn off charset headers, then everything will work. I can't even visit "" from the office anymore, unless (maybe?) I change registry settings again.

I've tried very hard to get it to work, and I'm giving up and going to Firefox. I am not choosing Firefox because it's a better browser. Personally, I like IE way better than Firefox in every way - except that IE doesn't work the way a web browser should work. People are fun when they are unpredictable. Browsers aren't. This is more than enough reason for me to switch.


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