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Friday, January 21, 2005

The Truth and Pearl Harbor

My whole life, I always believed that the Japanese attacked Perl Harbor. This was not an unprovoked attack. The U.S. and Britain and the Netherlands had been forcibly and militaristically colonizing throughout eastern Asia. Japan, as a result of losing power in the Pacific, had become heavily reliant on oil imports.

In July 1941, well before the Pearl Harbor attack, the US government announced a freeze on all Japanese funds in the USA and the suspension of all trade. Britain and the Netherlands, along with their colonies, quickly followed suit. Japan was left with about 18 months' reserves of petroleum.

I'm not saying that the attack was justified. Surely there are more creative methods of dealing with a lack of petrol. But, to tell children in schools that the attack was "entirely unprovoked", after the U.S. froze assets and imposed sanctions, is to teach lies in school to our children. Why lie? Because the truth is ugly and reveals the nature of war as ugly.

Think about how many people have died over this bullshit. It's not Bush. It's not Nixon. War is a sickness that has infected mankind since recorded history.


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