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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Bush voting scandal and Canada

Polls pointed to Kerry's victory in both Ohio and Florida, but the Bush administration claims these polls were "skewed". According to a Bloomberg article, Wall Street investors were convinced that Bush would lose the election based on widely reported polling data.

But, as I predicted over and over again, massive-scale voting fraud tipped this year's election in Bush's favor. Bush won in every district with a large percentage of electronic voting machines coming from Sequoia systems and Diebold. In 2002, Republicans overturned Democrats for the first time in 134 years in a congressional district in Georgia. Audit logs were missing from electronic voting stations, making recounts and inspections impossible.

But all of this makes sense. This is a presidenct who, apparently, believes that Democracy can be legitimately forced upon a nation - whether the people support it or not.

My only problem is that Canada is just too cold for me.

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