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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

IP 132 Mystery

Yesterday we found a large oval pill on our bed. On one side, it was labeled "IP 132", on the other side, it was labeled "600". Neither of us knew where the pill came from.

Doing a Google search for 600 and "IP 132", resulted in a page Help don't know what it is.

"My sister-in-law has a had a series drug dependencies and the other day she had in her pocketbook three pills they were ovalish one side was labeled 600 and the IP 132. She claimed she got them from the dentist after her root canal i dont know what to believe"

This served only to uselessly increase my paranoia.

To solve it, I visited RxList. Their advanced search allows me to search for a pill by the "Imprint Code". Typing in "*132", gives me results that list "Ibuprofen 600mg - Urgent Care Ctr".

It just goes to show you. Google results, while great for finding out what's "popular" on the web, aren't the best when searching for specific, accurate information about a particular topic. For this sort of information, you're better off going to a specialized database.

Perhaps the general case is true as well. Is the "group mind" only good at solving problems within an organized and intentional structure?


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