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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Protest Planned for August 29th in New York

This August, New Yorkers will witness the largest and most powerful RNC protest in history. The Bush administration has gone over the top with misguided, self-serving policies and so too will the people go over the top in their demonstrations against it.

Coordinated, in part, by United for Peace and Justice, there will be over 200,000 people converging on New York city.

The current situation with the permit to protest the RNC in Central Park on August 29th has been elegantly resolved.

Yes, we need a permit to organize a rally, with everone standing in one spot or marching along on a preset route, patting each other on the back - and being ignored by the media. But we don't need a permit for a distributed protest - one in which no one given location is converged upon.

Imagine, if you stepped outside your doors on August 30th, you saw, on every street corner, two or three people holding signs and handing out flyers - as far as the eye can see. From 8-12 people at each major intersection in Manhattan, talking, holding signs and handing out leaflets to passer's by.

200,000 people are coming to New York on August 29th to do just this. Instead of chasing the media... we're creating it!

Please print out these instructions for the August 29th protest in New York, and notify others of this unique and powerful day. These instructions are a guide to making your own powerful statement while being safe, having fun and meeting people. Dozens of your friends and fellow protestors won't print this out or don't have access to the Internet. So remember to bring copies for others and let people know about this event.

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