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Friday, May 14, 2004

Libertarianism versus Socialism

Pure libertarianism results in aristocracy. How? Because in absence of public oversight, wealthy individuals can easily exploit the population, and maintain control over them. For example: a food company can merge or acquire 50% of all food companies, and then start adding addictive substances to the food. The government, hobbled by libertarianism, would not have the resources to investigate the food. If executed carefully, this would result in a single company or collection of companies owning all access to food production. The company could use this power to pay for politicians, and corrupt the state to the point where it, and all the citizens, are puppets of the corporation.

Pure socialism results in aristocracy. This is more obvious. Suppose a socialist state controls all food production. People have input and it's democratic. But the people who run the food production could secretly a drug to keep citizens sedate, preventing them from running for office or from being inspired to challenge authority. The result is a population that is ruled over by an elite few, and whose citizens believes that it is a "democratic" system.

The only solution is one in which neither Libertarianism nor Socialism rules. No single ideology can dominate, or the system collapses to either corporate or government aristocracy.


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