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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Lamaze Improv

We had our final Lamaze class at the Roosevelt Birthing Center. We practiced breathing, and foot-massage. We forgot to bring clean socks, so we didn't get a hands-on demonstration by the coach. Advice to all parents-in training: don't forget to bring clean socks to class for your free massage. I'm seriously thinking of hiring a doula, but that's wimping out.

Also, my next UCB performance is on Sunday at 5:30. It's a full Harold. I've stuffed a lot of information into my head in the last 8 weeks about this particular form. Hope I remember it all. If you're interested in seeing me make an ass out of myself, you may have an opportunity this Sunday. It will cost you a $5 cover (no drink minumum or anything).

I wrote an analysis of the purpose and formation of community. It applies to charity as well. It's not terribly well formed, but some guys at COV are helping me refine it.

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