Bracing against the wind  

Sunday, April 04, 2004


Looking deeply into pure capitalism, socialism, communism, you can see underlying flaws.

Each system, like any nonlinear deterministic system, has the flaw of the "strange attractor". Left unchecked, each system will gravitate towards a "steady state". It is only due to the coexistance of multiple systems that we prevent stagnation of society.

Life thrives only on the border between chaos and order. Without the necessary "mixing", we would not even be here.

So, too, society thrives in a state of diverse ideology. A democratic cooperative, for example, is an excellent, even superior, system for purchasing a building to live in with a group of friends. But you wouldn't want a democratic cooperative to be the "only way" of structuring an organization or country.

In fact, it is in this having of multiple ways that a society ensures its survival.

Hence "diversitism" - a social structure in which the members of the society recognize that no one social structure, orgnaization, person or religion should be "all powerful" or "pervasive" - not even diversitism itself.

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