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Monday, March 08, 2004

Why do they pick on New York?

At the movies, there's a preview now of a new film, "Day After Tomorrow", which depicts New York being overtaken by a tidal wave and then frozen. I couldn't watch it, I literally had to turn away. Behind me, another moviegoer was heard whispering, "Why do they have to keep picking on New York?"

More and more, New Yorkers are sick of watching their beloved city bombed, burned and flooded by Hollywood directors.

And that's speaks to the heart of why George Bush's new advertisements are so disgusting. He shows images of our city, being ripped and torn, and attempts to scare the viewer into voting for him. "This could happen to your city", is the message of his campaign, "Vote for me".

There's nothing in that ad that promises to help this city. It's not a message of hope. It's a message of fear.

If the Mafia were to come around to ask for protection money, I wouldn't pay. I'd sooner move to another city than pay thugs. That's the way this ad makes me feel about the Bush administration.

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