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Thursday, February 05, 2004

Howard Dean Political Flashmobbing

We no longer can afford to have corporations, whether they be Democrat or Republican, run our country. Saturday at 4PM Eastern, Howard Dean supporters will be standing on street corners holding signs, putting posters in their car windows and handing our flyters that proclaim, "I am Howard Dean's special interest". If you like Dean's message of personal empowerment, print your own, head to a crowded area in town, and join us!

The TV will probably not be reporting on this event and so far "objective news agencies" have done everything in their power to crush our hopes. In the end, they will fail. People around this country sick of handing over their very minds to "network programmers".

Even if you aren't sure about Dean, and only got your information about him from the TV, try stepping out of the house on Saturday and seeing for yourself what's really happening out there.


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