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Thursday, January 22, 2004

Treo 600 versus Blackberry

I ditched my Treo 600 after a week and a half. I spent days installing java software, changing settings and getting it to work as an acceptable email reader and contact management solution. It was a lot of work, and I never got it to the point where it was functioning seamlessly. I'm sticking with the Blackberry 7500. AFAICT, the Treo is a toy for people who don't seriously use their PDA. If there was better push->email, multitasking (background mail), instant messaging, built-in pop3 support, and better battery life ... I might have kept it. These are all things that the Blackberry gets right.

The one advantage of the Treo 600 over the Blackberry is that it surfs the web flawlessly. It also has great downloadable games. If web access and games on your phone are more important to you than email, messaging and contact management, then I highly recommend the Treo.

As far as a cell phone is concerned, the Sprint network was a tad bit worse than the AT&T and Nextel networks, at least in New York. I switched to the Nextel network to save money over AT&T and get a better network. Nextel also allows you to instal Idokoro's mobile ssh... which works like a charm. Finally, an affordable mobile ssh solution that doesn't' completely suck! I can now officially manage my business from the road.

T-mobile has the best deal for Blackberry service, but I heard that their firewall is too restrictive to allow for remote administration of stuff. If you find out otherwise, let me know... I'll switch.

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