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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

OK, the Gephardt card has been played

Gephardt sponsored attack ad after attack ad against Howard Dean in Iowa. He paid for hecklers to show up at Dean's speeches.

I emailed Google a few days ago and got them to shut down an internet attack ad against Dean, since attacking people politically (even Bush, I know) is against their policies. It was a Gephardt ad.

Are you Gephardt fans glad that your 4 million dollars were spent, entirely, on attacking Howard Dean in Iowa. Don't you realize that Dean was amazingly supportive of union workers in Vermont?

My friend Scott predicted months ago that Gephardt was in the race just to rally the union workers and get them to attack any populist candidate that might threaten the status quo. That's been his role for years. Well, Dean threatens class power for sure.

But their Gephardt card is all used up.

Now we, the legions of internet warriors, will be descending on New Hampshire dressed in costumes that resemble the local fauna. Camouflage is necessary at this phase. A budding rebellion must not emerge from the chrysalis too soon.

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