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Friday, January 16, 2004

Howard Dean and Unilateral War

Howard Dean's message is not that he won't send America to war. It's that he won't send out soldiers to war without letting America know the truth. Bush lied as to why he went to war. Bush's advisors had been planning to invade Iraq to control its resources, to use it as a strategic base of support, and to garner support for increased military spending, as early as 1998.

If Bush had been honest with America, then we may not have supported his cause. But maybe we would have. We'll never know.

Dean supported the action in Bosnia to stop geocide. Clinton told America we were going there to stop geocide. Saddam was not in the process of committing genocide.

Maybe, in the long run, things will work out in Iraq, and maybe they will get much worse. We chose a conversation of overt violence. Normally, I would expect a country like ours to chose an intelligent, less costly, and more effective message.


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