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Monday, January 12, 2004

Dean's advisors are hurting his campaign

Howard Dean has expressed that he no longer feels like he is "allowed to speak his mind". Perhaps that was why he screwed up the debate with Sharpton. Dean's style is not to dodge the issue. But now that his advisors are imploring him to stop thinking for himself, he is unable to remain flexible and react to the attacks.

Here's my response to Sharpton's attack, "No, I didn't have any black members of my administration. Vermont is 97% white. Are you suggesting that I should have imported someone from outside the state in order to be a token black? You are playing the race card, Al, and it's despicable."

Sure, when I first saw Dean, I thought, "Yet another white guy running for office"... but that was my racism, not his. The reality of Vermont is that there aren't many African Americans living there. Maybe they all think it's too damn cold.

So here's my advice to Dean, "I paid you to speak your mind. Denounce the entire political process if you have to. But do not sacrifice your integrity and your voice. Have faith. A clear voice of reason will always ring true."


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