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Thursday, December 04, 2003

New York Public Internet Foundation

I'm helping to set up Public Internet connections all around New York. And we've got a nice project management system to help guide the installations, track donations and expenses, and coordinate meetings and training. Not bad.

Our first install went smoothly. It took a couple tries... one of the monitors was green. But overall it went well.

If anyone wants some advice or help setting up a couple "PIF" centers in their community, email the board at NYPIF. We have been working for month or so now, and have the scoop on how to get free/cheap/donated internet connections, free equipment, and great locations for public internet stations.

If anyone wants to help out, do training, or donate some used machines that have been gathering dust, or if you're an ISP that wants to make a difference for others, meet great people and make a difference.... contact us!

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