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Friday, November 07, 2003

New York Minute

9-year old girl is offered ride to school, she refuses and the Upper West side is in an uproar at the attempted kidnapping. This is front page stuff. Is it possible he really was offereing her a ride? Maybe, but that's not the point. Also today a 12 year old girl in the Bronx died of a drug overdose, but it... didn't make the news. She should have known better!

Also in the news, a group of high school students who committed a string of robberies was arrested. They posed as prostitutes and police and would then fake-arrest and rob men who solicited sex. The group was arrested in an "unplanned sting operation" in which an undercover police officer solicited them for sex, and then overpowerd the vigilantee teens. The rumor is that the off-duty officer stopped short of taking their wallets when he realised how little money they had.

Meanwhile, rampant "legal prostitution" continues well-advertised, unabated and unarrested in New York.

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