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Friday, October 17, 2003

Rage against the dying of the light

Mankind now has the ability to roll-back aging by regenerating damaged and aging tissue.

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    Really. There's a lot more than that out there. I read an article recently that prolonged stem cell injections reset all bodily aging. This was an Advanced Cell Terapeutics article in at's latest magazine... which isn't online.

    I'm sure that if we, as a race, got behind this assault on death itself.... we'd have it licked. There are groups forming to do just that.

    Now, here's the funny thing: some people are saying that this would be a bad idea. Why? They cite reasons like "overcrowding". The fact is that places where people live long have fewer population problems. People make up lots of "reasons" why they want to die. They have all sort fo reasons why they want to die. That sounds a lot like "giving up" on trying to live.

    This is the most saddest thing I've ever heard of ... Bush "wants us to die". Well jump off a frigging cliff then, but don't pass legislation designed to drag everyone else with your dumb ass.

    I for one don't want to die anytime soon. That's why I do things like eat, and, umm, look both ways before crossing the street. And I don't want my firends or parents to either. And I don't see a reason, now that it's possible, for me to accept the Christian Right's assertion that we should die sooner because they say so.

    Yes, indeed there are people in this country that are fighting tooth and nail to stop research that will halt aging and disease. They can always just choose not to live longer. It's not like anyone would be forcing them to get treatments.

    It is a sickness that we have in this country. The idea that we can force each other to comply with laws that do not impinge on each other's rights must be abolished.

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