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Monday, October 20, 2003

Does Gephardt want to pay for Lockheed?

Gephardt, seemingly, supports having the poor in America suffer to make Bush rich in Iraq.

The $87 billion appropriations bill contains absolutely no oversight committee to watchdog expenses. Bush can spend the money with discretion. Thus, our troops will continue to suffer under a false appropriation which has the best interests of Bush in mind - not the best interests of our troops.

Currently, our troops in Iraq are being fed by local villagers. Meanwhile the Bush administration, backed by senators like Gephardt and Lieberman, are promoting more expenses on fighter jets that won't be ready for another 20 years.

Gephardt, who is supported by union bosses, has voted to ensure that his constituents get rich making missiles. But only a few pennies of that money will go to support our troops.

Howard Dean would never have allowed a bill to be passed unless he was sure it contained the oversight necessary to ensure that all of the money went to support our troops in Iraq. Many senators proposed amendments that would have established a nonpartisan oversight committee to review the expenses. However this was shouted down as "unnecessary" and a "filibuster" by Bush supporters.

Well, at least our troops will continue to enjoy the tasty local Iraqi cuisine.


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