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Thursday, September 04, 2003

Genetic Farewell

Farewell to Raz, our genetic engineer and enthusiastic pub-goer from London. He's returning to the U.K. and we'll all miss him. Following pizza and wine, our gang went out for cocktails at a lounge which will remain unnamed, because I wouldn't want to give it the benefit of negative publicity. We got pissed and danced and talked about philosophy, politics and science with some locals.

The gang broke up, but Raz and I continued on, stopping by the Dean "meetup" at Tapis Rouge. The meeting was over, but there were a few people left. Apparently there was, cooincidentally, some sort of drag show that started afterwards. We quizzed Claire and William, rabid Dean fans, on policy and argued with them about courses of grassroots action. Then the transvestite MC told us to shush. On our way out, the MC apologized by saying "Hey, I'd vote for Dean, but I wouldn't blow him!".



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