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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Fake Meats

I no longer can tolerate even the smell of cooked animal flesh, let alone the taste. But somehow, I still enjoy a lot of the "fake meats" that are made. Yes, they are very similar in texture and flavor. However, there is a rancid, greasy, "heaviness" in real meat that I dislike.

Conversely, when I go to Herndon, Virginia, my choices are so limited that I often find myself craving meat - despite the way I normally feel. I'm sure if I lived there, I'd at least eat fish.

Apparently I only crave it when I can't get a proper meal.

At first, I stopped eating meat for social reasons, not because of any dislike. Then, gradually, I stopped liking the smell of cooked meat. So it makes sense that similar social reasons would make me want to go back to eating it.

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